Phuket’s Millionaire Mile, the ultimate spot for luxury villas

If you are living in Melbourne, Wellington, Jakarta or London, you may heard about Millionaire’s Miles, characterized by the presence of great properties in varying architectural styles, home to millionaires.
The pearl of Andaman has also its own, niched on the coast line in the south of Kamala.

Millionaire’s Mile in Phuket has become the place for luxury hotels and villas on the island’s west coast and hosts some of the finest residences Phuket has to offer.

Phuket luxury villas and hotels in Millionaires Mile

The road starts on the very south end of Kamala beach and winds along the coast to the headland and the last development on the road, Jomchang, that overlooks Patong bay. The road was home to the very first $1m + villas many years ago and so the name’millionaires row’ was born. The road is a dead end at present and stops at the Jomchang development. In time the road may be extended the short distance through the forest which would allow a quicker route into Patong, but also increase tourist sightseeing traffic. The trip from Jomchang at the south end of the road down the windy road into Kamala takes around 15 minutes by car with the rough road.

There are a number of developments still under construction along the road, a few newly opened and of course many older properties, that still would be considered the height of luxury.

At the start of the road just out of Kamala is Cape Sienna, a luxury hotel with all you would expect from such a 5 star resort. Andara is next door and again is a top of the line hotel with amazing facilities and views. Ayara resort is further up the hill and is built right into the rocks on the Andaman sea giving amazing views. Further still is Paresa hotel which sites high on the rocks overlooking the ocean and offers luxury seclusion.

Jomchang Estate

Nestled amongst these luxury hotels are a number of private luxury villas and villa developments with their own gated community. Jomchang, at the very end of millionaires row has a handful of luxury villas all above the US$7 mark. True luxury comes at a price and being on the very well healed millionaires row will of course attract a premium.

There are a few nice views to be had from the public road but most are reserved for the private property that these luxury villas sit on. Fortunately you could enjoy such views and stunning sunsets by renting one of these luxury villas.

We offer several villas for rent on Phuket’s Millionaires Mile:
Villa Baan Laemson from Laemson Estate in the very beginning of the famous road
Villa Baan Banyan and the new Villa The Aquila at the Waterfall Cove Estate.
Villa Yin and Villa Yang, two villas niched in the natural environment with ultra design approach
Villa Torcello and Villa Wang Nam Jai part of Jomchang Estate
Villa Baan Paa Talee, Villa Aye, Villa Saan, Villa Samira and Villa Amanzi  at the Cape Amarin Estate
Villa Lomchoy, Villa Viman, Villa Saengootsa, Villa Hale Malia, Villa Leelavadee, Villa Fah Sai, Villa Rom Trai and Villa Benyasiri from the Samsara Estate at the very end of  Millionaires Mile.

Most of these villas are also for sale. Feel free to contact us for more details.